Truth about Meat


There is no reason to eat meat. You do not need to eat meat to live, quite the opposite!


Eating meat is bad for Humans........................


Eating just a 50g portion of processed meat – or two rashers of bacon - a day increases the risk of bowel cancer by 18 per cent, the experts concluded (The Independent 28/10/2015).


Processed meats - such as bacon, sausages and ham - do cause cancer, according to the World Health Organization (WHO)


Why would you want to eat the flesh of another being? Someone that wanted to live?



Humans are not designed to eat meat.................


Humans and other herbivores have carbohydrate digestive enzymes in their saliva, meaning our bodies were created to eat fruits and vegetables. Animal products have no complex carbohydrates, which is why carnivores/omnivores lack carbohydrate digestive enzymes in their saliva.


The length of Humans and other herbivores intestines is between 9 times the length of the body length for  carnivores/omnivores it`s only 1.5 to 3 times the body length. The shorter the intestine, the quicker the rotting flesh can exit the body and so avoid diarrhea, food poisoning etc. The FSA said "Contaminated poultry  accounts for about 80% of food poisoning - kills 100 people every year."


Human teeth are spade-shaped, broad, flat and blunt - like the teeth of other herbivores. They are nothing like the sharp, cutting teeth of carnivores. Human canines are used for biting hard foods like apples, nuts etc.


Does your lower jaw moves from side to side? And can you grind & chew your food? Yes to both, then you are a herbivore! The jaws of carnivores/omnivores only move up and down. They don't chew; they just rip & swallow.


Humans don`t have claws, they use knives and forks.
































Eating meat is hell for the animals


In Britain more than 900 million farm animals are killed for food.


Before you eat meat again, go and visit a factory farm. See the disgusting living conditions the animals live in. Would you still want to eat meat after seeing.............


Animals are crammed by the thousands into filthy, windowless sheds or stuffed into wire cages/metal crates. They are mutilated so they don`t bite fellow animals in the crowded conditions. Cannibalism occurs.  


Antibiotics are used to make animals grow faster and to keep them alive in the unsanitary conditions. Use of antibiotics can lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria that will threaten human health.


Babies are taken from their Mother`s to be killed for meat.


Animals sent to slaughterhouses, line up on the kill floor and watch their fellow animals killed. They are scared, they try to escape but they can`t.......they are next! HUMANE killing does not exist! Animals DO NOT want to die!


Organic, corn fed, family farmed.....they all seem nice ways of living for the animals but even the ones who get to be outside for their short lives, still get sent to slaughter.




What you can do:


Stop eating meat! Find healthy alternatives. Look at our Recipes section.


Google your favourite meal and add vegan receipe to the search and you will find a healthy alternative.


Join Vegan Facebook groups and ask what they eat


Ask your local supermarket for a list of foods which are suitable for Vegans.


Watch the documentaries/films in our Recommend Viewing section of this website.


Contact us, ask us anything, we are always happy to help!