Truth about Eggs


Males chicks are no use the egg industry because they can`t lay eggs and don`t grow fast enough. They are gassed or ground alive the day they are born.


For a year Viva! went undercover to reveal what life is REALLY like for laying hens since the 2012 ban on ‘battery’ cages. "Hours of painstaking footage taken by our investigators at enriched cage, free range, and organic farms has provided Viva! with a snapshot of what life is like for these birds. Our findings reveal that, no matter how they are farmed, hens lead a desperately miserable life."


So even if you buy free range, organic, farm fresh, cage free etc you will never know if the hens actually experienced some freedom in their lives before they were sent off to slaughter. How did they feel each time their eggs were taken away? How cramped were they in the cages? How many die of suffocation?


Nearly all factory farmed hens have their claws & beaks cruelly sliced off and are never given the chance to spread their wings. Hens undergo these conditions their entire lives. These practices leave hens mutilated, stressed, and more prone to become infected with salmonella … which they pass on in their eggs to humans.


Eggs are hen periods - A human “period” is an unfertilised reproductive cycle and the eggs you buy are unfertilised reproductive cycles.






















What you can do:


Stop eating eggs!  Tofu is great for egg substitutions in recipes that call for a lot of eggs, like quiches or custards.


Google "eggless recipes" or "vegan".


Check out the recipes on our Recipes page.


Join Vegan Facebook groups and ask what they use instead of eggs in baking.


Contact us, ask us anything, we are always happy to help!






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