Team Tino Animal Rights


Tino joined our family in  February 2011!


After researching Beagles Wendy eventually came across the nightmare that is Animal Testing.  


       She started Team Tino Animal Rights in 2014, whilst living in Stoke, because animals cannot        speak our language, so humans have to speak and fight for them!


        Knowing what happens to these beautiful, wonderful, stubborn, loyal, bouncy dogs

          she knew it had to stop!  All activisim at this time was online.        


                                                   In October 2014 Rossi joined our family!


In January 2015 Wendy, Tino & Rossi back to the North East of England.


In February 2015 Team Tino joined N.A.W.C (an animal rights group based in

Newcastle upon Tyne). You can find more about them here.


              After Kerri Turner planted a seed by asking Wendy if she was Vegan

on 14th February 2015, Wendy became Vegan over night.


Since joining N.A.W.C Wendy`s knowledge of what humans are capable of doing

                                    to animals grew and it sadden her beyond belief.


             Wendy decided her goal in life was to do something to help animals on a daily basis.


        In July 2016 Wendy left N.A.W.C. to concentrate on making

Team Tino active out on the streets!


In June 2018 Wendy, Tino & Rossi moved to Liverpool, to live with Bryn, who is an active member of Team Tino. The group had to find new members and it didn`t take long!



tino snow


Rossi 04.09.2015