Frequently Answered Questions


Q. What is "Vegan food"?

A. Anything plant based. So anything that is not meat or an animal product. The term used is food Suitable for Vegans (SFV). Any food can be made to be suitable for Vegans. Pick your favourite food and do a Google search adding vegan recipe to the search!


Q.What milks are SFV?

A. Soy, Almond, Hemp, Coconut, Rice, Quinoa, Hazelnut, Cashew, Oat, Flax, Macadamia, Pea and more to come we`re sure!


Q. What can I eat instead of meat?

A.: Tofu, Tempeh, Beans, Seitan, Mushrooms, Bean Curd and TVP (textured vegetable protein). You can also buy vegan sausgages, vegan burgers and vegan meals.


Q. Where do Vegans get protein from?

A. Despite what you may have heard, protein is actually not much of a worry for most vegans. Grains, beans, nuts, Tofu, Quinoa, Tempeh and vegetables all have large amounts of protein.


Q. Is it expensive to be Vegan?

A. Once you learn the basics, your food bill can be lower than meat eaters but contain higher-quality foods. eg. a tin of beans is cheaper than a serving of meat.


Q.  Didn`t God make animals for Humans to eat?

A.  The Old Testament’s very first reference to food, Genesis 1:29, seems a clear warning to be vegan:


And God said: "Behold, I have given you every herb yielding seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed—to you it shall be for food."


..........why would animals feel pain if they were meant to be slaughtered for humans to eat?



Q. What would happen to all the animals if we stopped eating them?

A. As fewer farmed animals are bred, much of the land that’s currently being used for pasture or to grow feed crops would revert back to nature. We wouldn`t be over run by animals because everyone won`t stop eating meat at the same time!



Q. Cows need to be milked or they`ll burst!

A. That`s a myth.  A cow only produces milk when she is pregnant. Her calf is taken away from her only one or two days old. The calf doesn`t get to drink the milk their Mother produced for them, they get a cheap replacement formula generally made from slaughterhouse plasma and the milk is used for Humans. Cows are impregnated every year so she continues to produce a steady supply of milk.



Q. Why don`t Vegans eat honey?

A. It’s exploitive and it`s bee vomit! A typical bee produces less than two teaspoons of honey in her month-long life. The honey stomach holds almost 70 mg of nectar and when full, it weighs almost as much as the bee does. Honeybees must visit between 100 - 1500 flowers in order to fill their honeystomachs. The honeybees return to the hive and pass the nectar onto other worker bees. These bees suck the nectar from the honeybee's stomach through their mouths. These "house bees" "chew" the nectar for about half an hour.