Team Tino Animal Rights



We are a group of dedicated vegans based in the Cumbria in England. We have one goal, to give animals the rights  they deserve!


We help to make Animal`s voices be heard. We fight for the freedom they seek and deserve.


                   As Vegans we enjoy a happy, healthy life. Free from harming others. The world is changing and we believe it will, one day, be a place where all sentient beings can

live together in harmony.


We know we have a have a long path ahead, but with like minded people we will make it!



Please take a look around and don`t be shy,  get in touch if you have information we can add to

our site, or to tell us you love our site or even to let us know something isn`t quite right.


If you would like to join us in our local outreach work feel free to send an email to teamtinoanimalrights@gmail.com or chat to us now using the contact us form

or alternatively message our facebook page.
























Together we can make people aware of the daily fights animals have to face and

help animals keep the rights they were born with!